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Amazon’s New KDP Print Feature is Bad News for CreateSpace Users

Source: Amazon’s New KDP Print Feature is Bad News for CreateSpace Users

REALLY SCARY! The death knell for CreateSpace?

All the more reason to format your own book and publish through IngramSpark first. Here is a complete list of current posts in my InDesign Beginner’s Cheat Sheet designed to help you create your own Print-on-Demand book interior.

INDD opening screen

Complete with Screen Shots!

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Check Out My New Book Review for Horse Lovers!

Book Reviews for Horse LoversI just posted a review of Anne Clermont’s Learning to Fall on my Book Reviews for Horse Lovers Page. See if you agree with me.

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Writing: Business or Hobby?

It’s tax time! Here are some good tips you might want to consider for the future if you’re not doing these things now.

Story Empire

Hey, SE gang, Mae here with a reminder that tax time is looming. Ugh!

A battle struggling writers often face is whether or not the IRS considers their efforts a business or hobby. Very few of us make bucketfuls of money as writers. For most, expenses outweigh profits during the first few years. That sad reality aside, you need to report those expenses if you’re trying to establish a business. I’m by no means an expert, but here are a few things you can do to keep Uncle Sam from viewing your enterprise as a hobby:

Detailed Record Keeping
This may seem obvious, but the more detailed records you can produce (in the event of a dreaded audit) the more favorable the outcome is likely to be. Keep receipts and make notations on each. In addition, use a spreadsheet to track and itemize by category. I use headings such as

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Outdated SEO Strategies to Avoid! (I wasn’t doing them anyway. . . .!)

SEO for writersSEO is one of those things that is all too easy to let slip, unless you’re a fanatic (as perhaps we all should be). Here’s a list with helpful alternatives to SEO tasks we’ve probably been beating ourselves up about because we weren’t keeping up with them—but don’t need to! When I get the next book finished, I’ll do all this. I swear!I swear I'll catch up my SEO!

Do you still do the things on this list? Do you agree that they’re out of date?



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New Wisdom from Donald Maass! Make Emotion Work in Fiction

Finding the story beneath the surfaceBack from a loooong holiday break and finding things to share!

This post from Writer Unboxed plugs Donald Maass’s latest book, The Emotional Craft of Fiction: Writing the Story beneath the Surface. But: a) you may want to know about this book, and b) the included interview is worth reading in itself. I’ve been sharing with some  of my Internet Writing Worship cronies some thoughts about that “story beneath the surface” that strokes in depths beyond simply solving a problem, depths that help us think about what the real problems are. This concept is similar to what M.Dellert calls the “plight,” the question behind the plot that the character and the reader must struggle to define together—and often cannot rationally answer. The plight, the story beneath surface, are the forces that shape our human understanding, not just our ability to string cause-and-effect together. It’s been a while since I bought a book on craft, but I just may buy this one. I thought you might like this news.


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Don’t Forget: Green River Writers Contest Open Until Sept. 30!


Just Can't Help Writing

Green River Writers Logo Poetry and Prose Categories, Low Entry Fees, Cash Prizes! For information, click on the image or email

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Introducing a great friend of all #authors, the Story Reading Ape (@Storyreadingape) and a project very close to his heart.

Bravo to this article about Chris, the Story Reading Ape!

Lit World Interviews

Hi all:

I wanted to let you know that I’ve started working on a new project and due to deadlines I might not be around as much as I’ve liked.

I thought I’d share one of my blog posts because I talk about a great friend of all authors and his latest project, that might inspire you as much as it has me.

Here it is:
I’m sure that a lot of you in the blogosphere know The Story Reading Ape and his blog Author Promotions Enterprise. Chris Graham (a.k.a The Story Reading Ape, or perhaps, The Story Reading Ape, a.k.a Chris Graham, I’m never 100% sure) is deservedly known as he works ceaselessly to help and promote writers.

Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape

Let me tell you a bit what he does (in case you haven’t crossed paths with him yet… Where have you been hiding?).


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